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Date: 20th July 2019

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Introduction -

The May Island lying at the mouth of the Firth of Forth, about five miles from the port of Anstruther, Fife, is best known for its important seabird colonies, bird observatory, three lighthouses and its ancient monastic ruins. However, during both world wars, the island was manned by the Admiralty and played a vital role in the defence of the approaches to Rosyth Naval Base, as well as the naval and mercantile anchorages in the estuary.

Because the Admiralty understandably maintained a policy of absolute secrecy during wartime and the fact that virtually all of the manpower who served on the May came from far and wide', details of the island's ro le during these conflicts was until recently, largely unknown. In an attempt to raise the profile of the Admiralty's presence on the May to the same level as the island's other interesting and important aspects, the following account of the war years has been compiled, largely from a wide variety of documentary sources, as well as the testimonies of a handful of ex-servicemen who were stationed on the May during the Second World War.

Despite the fact that much has still to be learned about the island's wartime role, particularly in relation to the First World War, a most fascinating part of the island's history has now been uncovered. For a place which was far removed from the main theatres of conflict during either war, the May Island witnessed its fair share of historical events connected with both wars.

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